010/020 Diners by Guustronomie

Client: Guus Thijssen - Guustromie

Brief: Create an identity style for the 010/020 diners organized by Guustronomie. This designs included menu's for every new event combined with a new printing technique for every new edition.

Deliverables: Identity design & menus

Website: https://guustronomie.nl/

Guus Thijssen loves the people who make, serve and produce our food and believes they make a better world. With his company Guustronomie he gives them centre stage, as participants in collaborative dinners, foodtours, workshops and cooking demo’s.

Photography by : Nichon Glerum, Sophia van den Hoek (Unfolded), Eric Vitale Photography

Video by : Erik Loots –  Twentie Four.

  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Print