Appelkruimel & Fris

Client: Self initiated

Brief: Create a suitable identity for a clothing brand as a campaign against people's absurd beauty ideal

Deliverables: Identity design


Together with Sarah Milo and Wilbert van de Kamp, Wunderwald initiated Appelkruimel & Fris. Appelkruimel & Fris is a durable clothing brand for everyone (including your mother). The brand is a reaction to the consumer clothing market’s misuse of materials and the unrealistic beauty standards that the fashion world promotes.

Appelkruimel & Fris is #justforrealpeople and is asking us what our own beauty ideal is. For the design of the brand, we borrowed many style elements from other fashion brands, creating a general fashion style language. We copied the style so well, that with the launch of Appelkruimel & Fris, many people thought the brand was real.

  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Print
  • Art direction
  • Photography
  • Web design

The launch of Appelkruimel & Fris received a lot of attention in the press, including a performance at RTL Boulevard where the brand was discussed by famous Dutch fashion journalist Fiona Hering. With Appelkruimel & Fris, we started a campaign to raise money for Iambe Bakery, which is an initiative that gives people with Down syndrome an education to become a baker. The Iambe bakers are also featured on the campaign images of Appelkruimel & Fris.

The Appelkruimel & Fris identity design story unfolds with intriguing copy, clothing, several short videos, and a website. The initial campaign images were shot by Iris Duvekot. A second campaign was photographed by Nichon Glerum. For all photographs, Wunderwald is responsible for the art direction. As models, we always have and always will use #realpeople.

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