Bar Bar Truck

Client: The Food Line-Up & Foodtruck Company

Brief: Create a design for the first beverage airstreamer on wheels

Deliverables: Identity design & foodtruck design

The Bar Bar is the first ‘beverage truck’ in the Netherlands, filled with exclusively locally brewed drinks, such as lemonade, beer and cider. As the Bar Bar is a bar on wheels, it can be parked anywhere. From business event to festival, it is always ready to pop-up at any place, any time.

The Food Line-up and Foodtruck Company asked Wunderwald to design the Bar Bar airstreamer and to make it really stand out in the crowd. The brief for the identity of the Bar Bar stated: hand-made, showy and festive, but also kind of business chic. We choose for a combination of handmade typography, playful illustrations and swirls to give the Bar Bar a fancy look. Thus far, the Bar Bar has not only managed, but succeeded in placing home-brewed beverages in the spotlights. 

Eat like a captain, drink like a whale, we like to say!

  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Signage

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