Demeter Winkelsafari

Client: Demeter

Brief: Design a shop safari experience for kids

Deliverables: Signing, map, illustrations, social media

Website: Stichting Demeter

Thanks to our farmers, we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Biodynamic farmers and gardeners are working together with the landscape as much as possible. On at least 10 percent of their land, they have planted flowers, shrubs and trees to attract insects, birds and other animals.





All these animals are helping to keep the soil fertile and to prevent diseases and pests. The more animal species, the better everything can bloom and grow. To show children (and their parents) the world behind biodynamic food, several organic specialty shops organised an adventurous Shop Safari and they asked Wunderwald to design this experience.

We designed a search route through the stores with illustrations and a search map.

The Shop Safari is a collaboration between Odin, EkoPlaza, Natuurwinkel, Gimsel, Organic and other organic specialty shops. The retailers want to show how consumers can contribute to a vibrant earth with their shop behaviour.


  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Signage / spatial design

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