De buik van de stad

Client: Flevocampus & Food Hub

Brief: Create a small book with essays about the food landscape of nowadays

Deliverables: Booklet

‘Landschapspijn’ (literally trans. landscape pain or landscape torment) it is the loss of biodiversity, healthy food, soil degradation; our food system is unravelling. We need to change.

The bundle contains essays by Hidde Boersma, Yvonne Faber, Janno Lanjouw, Joris Lohman, Ron Methorst, Martin Scholten, Peter Smeets and Sigrid Wertheim-Heck. These writers question the ideas and assumptions of the reader and offer a nuanced perspective on the future of our food.



Flevocampus and Food Hub approached Wunderwald with the question to design an attractive essay bundle to discuss food issues on several levels: a global scale (macro level), a regional scale and the environment of the urban consumer (micro level). The cover is an appealing bright blue, which immediately stands out. We decided on basic black and white illustrations for the inside of the booklet, with clean, straight lines to communicate the concepts of the essays. We choose a classic serif font for the texts and a sans serif font for the headers of the texts.

‘De buik van de stad’ has been made possible by the Flevocampus and publishing house Van Gennep.

  • Graphic design
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Art Direction

A couple of months after the publication of ‘De buik van de stad’ the essays were translated in to English. We designed a new edition of the bundle for an English audience, called Feeding the city.