Future Food Leaders

Client: Future Food Leaders

Brief: Create a website for a new generation of change makers in the food system

Deliverables: Website

Website: futurefoodleaders.org

The urgency for a different, more sustainable and equitable food system is felt and recognised by more and more people every day. We struggle with enormous challenges: natural resource depletion, hunger and obesity existing side by side, climate change, soil erosion-to name a few. 


Future Food Leaders is a global platform where a new generation of changemakers in the food system can connect and develop their skills. The program is set up by Hivos, the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN), and the Food Hub. The goal is to push and support the food system in the transition towards good, clean, and fair. By connecting networks, ideas, projects, and innovations at grassroot levels, the current system will be changed from within: a global cohort of conscious and empowered young citizens is our best insurance for a sustainable future. 

Hivos, SFYN, and the Food Hub asked Wunderwald to design a website and online platform for the Future Food Leaders program.

  • Web design
  • Typography
  • Illustration