Gulpener Re-branding

Client: Gulpener Beer

Brief: Create a new look and feel for the total Gulpener brand

Deliverables: Beer labels, packaging, brand collateral

Gulpener Beer invited Wunderwald to re-design their beers and identity style, in close collaboration with Food Cabinet. Together, we carried out a full rebrand that encouraged playfulness and brand recognition. The starting point for the new core brand world of Gulpener are the topics of ‘freedom’ and ‘sustainability’.

We soon discovered that to Gulpener, there is a delicate line between creating a new design and maintaining the recognition of Gulpener as a brand. In addition to this, we needed to find a balance between humour and earnestness. We maintained this balance by designing a specific animal-like illustration for every beer of the Gulpener family. For example, the Pilsner beer always sports a crane bird with wings of grain stalks, and the Lentebock shows off a ballerina goat twirling in the grain.

  • Branding
  • Print
  • Typography
  • Illustration

The result of the re-branding of Gulpener is a cohesive brand world, which consists of a clear set of colours, typography, illustrations and playful images. We extended both the natural and the fun aesthetics across all touchpoints, including new beer labels, packaging and photography. Gulpener is transformed into a cohesive brand that celebrates not only the production of beer, but also takes care of the planet.

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