Gulpener Special Beers

Client: Gulpener Beer

Brief: Create labels and packaging for Gulpener's special one off editions 75 ml beers

Deliverables: Beer labels & packaging

Gulpener Beer approached Wunderwald to design labels and packaging for their one off-limited editions 75ml beers; IJsbock, Plato, Verse Hop, and Zwarte Ruiter.

Gulpener Brewery is an independent Dutch brewery, located in Gulpen, Limburg, the Netherlands. The brewery was founded in 1825.

  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Print

Brewed in Herberg ‘De Zwarte Ruiter’ (Tavern ‘The Black Night’) in Gulpen, the beer of the same name is the only real medieval beer in the Netherlands. Mestreechs Aajt ripens in heay oak barrels to become a dark delicious fresh beer with an apple-like scent.

The name for the IJsbock beer comes from a special brewing technique where after fermentation, the beer is cooled to minus 20 degrees celsius. The water freezes while the alcohol and aroma are of the beer stay conserved. This technique results in an intensely powerful beer with sweet tones.

In collaboration with Food Cabinet.

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