Het Krokettenboek

Client: Nijgh Cuisine

Brief: Create a book design for the Krokettenboek by Johannes van Dam

Deliverables: Cook book design

Nijgh Cuisine approached Wunderwald to design the reprint of the 2014 classic ´Het krokettenboek´ by the late iconic Johannes van Dam.

In his life Johannes van Dam became a prolific food writer. One of his favourite subjects was the ‘kroket’ {croquette}.

His friends Joosje Noorderhoek and Jonah Freud worked to bundle Van Dam’s extensive work on the ‘kroket’, both history and recipes. They followed van Dam’s vision for the book, which he wrote already before he could finish the book himself because of his passing in 2013. ‘Het Krokettenboek’ contains both historic recipes dating back centuries as well as the modern versions, to which a number of Dutch chefs like Kees Raat and Adriaan van Raab added their own classic ‘kroket’ recipes.

Book photography by Raw Productions


  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

To give the book a celebratory feeling, we chose a gold {pantone} and black colour scheme. We used a ‘kroket’ illustration as a main style element and as a recurring visual theme throughout the book.

Author: Johannes van Dam
Publisher: Nijgh Cuisine by Nijgh & Van Ditmar
Hard cover 144 pages
ISBN: 978 90 388 0748 5
Editors: Jonah Freud en Joosje Noordhoek

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