Client: Automanual

Brief: Create an art magazine during a party evening using the photographs that are being made at the party

Deliverables: Pop-up book design

The creative art collective Automanual asked Wunderwald to join in on the Katalog project. The assignment was to make a photography exhibition in one night, together with visitors of the exhibition. There was one catch. There was no art yet in the exhibition, only a yellow cube and strange yellow objects; everything was monotone coloured. This turned the visitors into photographer and artwork at the same time.

It was our task to get all the ‘artworks’ into the exhibition catalogue. The result of the evening is Katalog, an art book that was produced on the evening itself, containing all contributions of the visitors of the happening.

  • Typography
  • Print

The speed of the event was quite liberating. Given that there was not much time for pondering, the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere helped with the crystallization of ideas. There was no time for reflection or second-guessing: we just had to get it done.

The Katalog project was really interesting to do. The creation of the catalogue was a team sport, as one person took the first leap with an idea. Another built on this idea, and then another, until the idea was clear enough to get a photographer, who captured the idea in the yellow shapes.

The assignments and the photographers in this catalogue were a perfect fit. The Katalog project proves that everyone can be an artist, an artwork and a photographer.