Maartje de Graaf – Kickbox Psychiater

Client: Maartje de Graaf

Brief: Create a brand identity for a psychiatrist

Deliverables: Logo design, website


As the Kickbox Psychiatrist, Maartje de Graaf is unique in her approach of applying co-creation in her treatment methods. In doing this, she bridges the gap between body and mind, between practitioner and patient.

An important element of her approach is kickboxing. Kickboxing is approached both literally as practice and metaphorically as lifestyle. Maartje offers this sport to her clients, but also uses its inherent mindset. She describes this as the ‘Kickbox Principle’: the goal is to promote independence through mutual dependence. The ‘Kickbox Principle is used as a way to build up motivation and confidence in yourself.

Just like a kickboxer, you will go through different developments – tactics, training, and thus transformation. The emphasis lies in the connection between body and mind, and in finding strength in this balance. Beating your opponent does not work when these two are not in a good condition. At the Kickbox Psychiatrist, you are your own opponent. With her business, Maartje likes to face problems with the same flexibility and discipline as a kickboxer.

Maartje asked us to help her with the branding of The Kickbox Psychiatrist. In her brand identity, we tried to find a combination between tough and vulnerable, as this combination is inherent in the approach of her business. This comes back in both the logo design and website through the use of contrasting colours.



I never loose. I win or I learn - Maartje de Graaf

  • Graphic design
  • Art Direction
  • Web design

Another aspect Maartje wanted to highlight, is the importance of a humoristic and light approach. You do not have to be serious about serious business. To communicate this we worked with photographer Bianca Toeps, who also wrote the book Maar, je ziet er helemaal niet autistisch uit? (trans. But, you do not look autistic at all?). Toeps communicates clearly though bright colours in her photography, emphasising the personal approach that Maartje wants to communicate to her patients. We styled the photography shoot, together with hair and make-up stylist Charlotte van Beusekom.

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