Maxim Doet Vegan

Client: TwentieFour

Brief: Identity design for a new vegan cook show

Deliverables: Visuals,


Erik Loots, founder of production company TwentieFour, decided to stop eating meat after watching the documentary “What The Health”. This was not equally well received by everyone in his circle of family and friends. His brother said, “You say vegan, I hear vagina” just to indicate that “online” veganism seems to be hijacked by ladies.

To prove that vegan food can also be tough and masculine, the idea arose to make an online vegan cooking show with the very masculine Maxim Hartman. The purpose of this show is to inspire people (and therefore also men) to eat less meat, more vegetables and to deal consciously with food. With lots of humor.

For the pilot of Maxim Doet Vegan series TwentieFour approached Wunderwald for the identity design and graphics.

We focused on playful and bold typography and made moving illustrations of Maxim’s head and different types of fruits and vegetables.



  • Brand identity
  • Social media
  • Typography
  • Visual design

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