Client: PresentU

Brief: Can you help us re-brand our identity style

Deliverables: New logo and brand collateral

Website: PresentU

According to PresentU everyone can learn how to present like a virtuoso. PresentU makes use of theater techniques to teach you how to do this. How you talk, stand, interact. Presenting does not stop at speaking. It is about expressing everything from yourself in conversations and groups. With your story and in a way that suits you. PresentU teaches you how you want to come across.

PresentU approached Wunderwald to re-design their identity style. Maarten, Sus and Jochem (who started PresentU a couple of years ago) wished to come across as a more mature and sophisticated company. We kept some elements from the old identity style, like the drawings of Menah that we really liked and choose for a fresh colour palette of light grey, pink, purple and dark blue. A bold typeface tops this style off and makes it stand out.


  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction

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